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Do you know what customers will feel about your product or services? Then you should be taking the customer feedback very often as we don’t get the result in one day, it should be a continuous process through different mediums. By taking the customer feedback we will get know about:

So let’s see some of the mediums in which you can get to know what customers are feeling about you:

1.Use Social Media:
Definitely, this will be the important channel through which you can get to know the customers opinion by directly having a conversation with them. You will get to know exactly what, where and how you can target your customers. According to a recent study many of the users use facebook to interact with a brand and feel social media is better than call centres.

For example, in your company’s facebook page you can post a status asking for the feedback and tell them to feel free to share any comment or giving any ideas. In twitter you can put any hastags like #wantagreatfeedback which allows customers write freely here at your page. These ideas can be used for LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social media you and your customers are involved in.

2.Have comment boxes :
Sometimes customers won’t be having a time to send you their feedback at the moment itself as it might interrupt the actual work what they are doing or requires an agent to take their feedback which cannot be possible every time. So having a comment box at the end of specific pages or articles in which the customer can leave a reply or feedback. Comment boxes can save a lot of time as customers can give a feedback then and there itself which saves their time.

The comment boxes can have options like anonymous or free for all kind of boxes or it can be connected to facebook so that customers can leave the feedback without having to register.

3.Taking Surveys:
This is one more way of taking the feedback which is traditional way but still works. To get the surveys more interesting to customers you can give prizes like gift cards for the customers who take your survey and give the feedback.

4.Having forums:
This is a medium where you can take all the feedbacks in one shot. This place allows your customer to give the feedback regarding any of the services in which all the other customers of your site can enter their comment on the suggested topics. You can even have an up vote system for the best feedback.

5.Direct Communication:
Yes,direct communication should also be taken and ask for the feedback as such customers also feel that they are taken care of. By listening to them also you can learn many things and if required any changes can be made. Talking to them directly can also increase the empathy toward the customers. Depending upon where you and your customers live, you can either walk to them directly or have a regular checkups on their satisfaction towards the product or also you can have video chats which you can fix the time for the meeting a week before the date.


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By integrating faasthelp into your business you will get great advantages like :

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