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What are the ways to improve your Customer experience from Knowledge base ?

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Generally when a problem or a doubt arises or if we need any answer the first thing to we all commonly do is to ask Google or any knowledgeable person whom you know.

But when it comes to our customers they need simple, easy and understandable answers to the questions they have. Sometimes having a live chat also we cannot please our customers in solving their problems.

Consider this scenario for example

“Your customer Stella cannot find the solution how to change some software settings? Stella quickly sends an email to the support team but no immediate response. Next step what she does is she tries to find the answer in self-help and knowledge base but gets nothing.
Stella gets irritated and frustrated and writes another email to the support team telling it’s your job to prevent this issue from happening.
If you had a knowledge base, Stella would search the knowledge base and could get her answer immediately at the first page”

So don’t make customers difficult to search any solution thereby they end up in angry and frustrations for not getting an answer just like Stella. Make Customers comfortable by building a Knowledgebase and increase Customer Experience towards your product.

Here are some of the ways to Improve Customer experience from Knowledgebase:

1.Have Knowledgebase mediums:
Writing an article and publishing is not only one way of reaching the customers, we can also have articles with screenshots, visuals, videos, webinars and technical guides.

2.Have Simple Titles:
Your Knowledgebase articles should have normal sounding Titles where customers can find them easily using a right searchable Keywords and make them happy which directly results in good customer experience.

3.Have an Organised form of Knowledgebase: 
Keeping articles in an organized way helps most of the customers easy in finding their solutions. Archive the articles based on the topic and maintain “most popular topics” at the top of the homepage.
By these, you can easily meet customer expectations and improve customer experience.

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