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The live chat makes it possible to have a chat simultaneously with multiple numbers of customers by which you solve more issues more quickly. But simultaneously managing the multiple customers is not an easy job because you have to constantly switch the contexts as you think about the issues every customer raises.
Because you chat with customers in real time they expect that you reply them immediately. So, you need to know how to handle the live chat and ensuring that your customers have a satisfying customer experience. Here are some points you need to remember while interacting with customers.

1.Have Chat sessions in short:
Respond quickly and make the total interaction as short as possible because shorter the conversation higher is the customer satisfaction. A longer chat session doesn’t mean bad customer satisfaction instead it indicates the conversation should be changed to a different channel.

2.Be a Keen Reader:
Sometimes Customers will hurry when it comes to explaining their issues and will not be able to express their problems in writing. So read carefully and ask questions. Don’t come to conclusions.

3.Don’t ask the customers repeated information:
Yes, don’t ask the customers repeated information which they have already provided during the initial chats. If the customer is repeatedly in touch with you for the same issue, study the previous chats. This avoids the repetitive.

4.Be honest:
If you cannot answer the customer's question be honest and say no. If you want to clarify the doubt with another agent which will take a bit of time tell the customer the same which will help them understand why they may have to wait. And also communicate your status with the customer tell them what’s happening. If you need more time let them know that you are working towards it.

5.Transfer the chat to another agent if needed:
If you are not able to handle the chat with the customer and want to transfer to another agent inform the customer before making this transfer. The new agent should also be quick enough to speed on the issue by seeing the previous chats and should never ask the customer to repeat the information.

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