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What are ways to properly handle a Support Ticket ?

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A Support ticket handling is an important task if you have support ticketing software in your business. Sometimes handling a support ticket can go wrong way if not handled properly. Whenever you think you have solved one ticket another ticket will be waiting in the queue.Sometimes no agent wants to touch a ticket which is too difficult and because of these, there will be an increase in the number of pending tickets. And this results in customers getting angry because their tickets are not solved.
Below are the tips which will help you in handling a ticket efficiently:

Respond to each ticket quickly:
Try responding to the customers as quickly as possible because customers will have a clear picture that you are taking care of their issue even if you don’t have an immediate solution for it.

Make your responses are simple:
The easier you understand and reply, the faster the issue will be resolved. Whenever you reply to customer highlight what needs to be done next to solve the issue by replying it in a simple way rather than send long paragraphs of answer where the solution is at the end of it.

Pay attention to the status of the ticket:
Many tickets get lost or it will be unanswered if they are not properly assigned. Mark the tickets as open when it needs to be answered, by this even customers will know that the support team is handling their issue. Mark the ticket as solved when the solution is given and the issue is closed. Mark the ticket as pending when you are asking for more information and you need to wait for the reply.

Give priority to the old issues first:
When selecting an issue to address you should consider taking up the old issues first because the customer who raised a ticket have to wait for the longest and don’t leave the issues unfinished.

Regularly check for new tickets:
Cultivate the habit of regularly checking the new tickets by having email notifications. By email notifications, you will get to know any new ticket has arrived or is there any update on the ongoing issue.Sometimes it's better to check the spam section as there are chances that new ticket can be flagged as spam.

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