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As chatbots are reducing the work of the humans, we want those to perform almost all kind of tasks. Filling up the intelligent quotient into our Chabot depends on what we want our chatbot to perform. We can either make the chatbot help the customer by solving the queries or collect information from the customer. A chatbot which will be helping a customer and collecting the information from the customer both are considered to be smarter. The helper chatbot understands what the customer is saying and performs the task for the customer. The intelligent chatbot can help the customer buy products, seek information for example about cars or even book a hotel room. So now that we know the chatbot is helpful for us and our customers in the all the ways like helper chatbot. But to know in detail, what should be the characteristics that define the helper chatbot?

The helper chatbot is recognized by its natural language processing (NLP) and understanding power. Whereas the collector chatbots leads the conversation with the customer. They bind to the pre-defined question models and are not smart enough to respond when a customer raises a query. The drive to increase the intelligent quotient of the collector chatbots depends on the intelligent platform on which basis they are built. So how can we build intelligence into a collector chatbot? A collector chatbot becomes intelligent when it responds by collecting information from the customer and presenting it in the most appropriate way to serve the customers purpose.

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