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What kind of Empathy should we show to Customers?

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The Customer support is not only about resolving incidents and issues. The empathy and responsiveness are also the necessary requirements for generating successful digital interactions between customer service agents and customers. They always play a central role in creating a satisfactory customer experience. There may be a situation where ideal resolution cannot be provided to the problems but a service agent can always show empathy. Thus the impact of customer emotions cannot be ignored. The below are the tips to empathize the customers.

Pay attention
Provide imperative responses to the customers when they are explaining, about the problems they are facing or their experience with the product. This will make the customers feel that their concerns are addressed with care.

Share their pain
Try to focus on the actual area of pain caused by the product or a service to the customer and then imbibe the same and then at the end give the solution. This will make the customer comfortable that he need not repeat or explain further more about the complaint.

Interact beyond solution
Before jumping to the solution for a problem or a request from the customer, try to know their names and have casual chat about their system configuration and browsers or any other common thing you find it to be appropriate and content sensitive. This will create a trust and emotionally connect them with the organization.

Use appropriate gestures, emotions, and smileys
While interacting with the customers over face to face, or over phones or through chat, use emotions, use positive gestures while greeting or saying “thank you” or apologizing for a mistake. This will ease the customer’s frustration drastically and make them calm down.

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