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The AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) chatbot comes with the power to fix a goal and work single handed to achieve that goal. Basically the chatbot binds to a three-step process for a goal to realise. They sense-think-act cycle is the basis that defines the intelligence of a chatbot. An AI chatbot goes through this cycle to make progress towards pre-defined goals autonomously.

1.Ability to sense:
For an AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) chatbot, firstly it will start sensing the environment where it resides becomes a prerequisite for getting the information required to perform a task. The chatbot finds it easy to listen to what the user says than make sense of what is being conveyed by the user.

2.Sharp to think:
In simple terms, chatbot must think what to do and what to reply when a user places his request or a query. The chatbot will have such ability to convert information received from a user into an understandable format and store it in a knowledge base. An AI ( Artificial Intelligence )chatbot makes a decision by leveraging pre-existing knowledge and one that it acquires continuously. Based on this decision, the chatbot takes action to achieve pre-defined goals. While building a chatbot we can use neural networks in machine learning to make the chatbot think and take actions depending on the request placed by the user.

The knowledge base determines the learning capacity of the chatbot from its past conversations with users. Take the example of Google now, their intelligence is due to the knowledge which is stored internally. This knowledge base helps in learning faster, identifying the correct information and providing a quick response to the user that is relevant.

Information gathered directs the chatbot to decide on the relevant action. Taking decision here means what the chatbot has to reply to a user’s request can make the AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) chatbot plan ahead about further queries that would come from the user.This can make the chatbot more intelligent.

3.Acting quickly:
As the thinking and taking a decision cycle gets over, the chatbot knows the action it has to take to respond to a user. Now, that the chatbot has to act, it must now type out the reply to a specific query raised by the user. Typing out a sentence is relatively easy for a chatbot when compared to giving a reply through audio or video capabilities. For audio or a video chatbot, responding to the user through a suitable action becomes difficult because it has to sound like a human.

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