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In which areas of your business can AI be useful??

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As we all know that Artificial intelligence is a buzzword everywhere the world is talking about and every business wants it to be in their business in the coming years as it has more advantages. It is forming a bridge between customers needs in an easy way and businesses those who provide services to the customers and helps to cut the costs and raise the efficiency of the services.

Here are some of the areas in which you can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help to grow in your business:

1.AI ( Artificial Intelligence )for sales:
“Imagine if your sales technology was so smart that it knew the deals that you were working on according to your calendar that you have set.” Yes by having an AI makes your sales work easy, by automatically building and monitoring your work flow so that you can focus more on closing the deals instead of manual data entry.You can use the AI as your sales assistant, helping to find the data you need, reminding your follow ups and so on.

2.AI ( Artificial Intelligence )for Marketing:
As today marketing area is becoming smarter and digitalised to attract the new customers, by adding AI to your marketing work will help in getting good quality leads. Marketers can segment the audiences based on the requirement and take the actions according to the right time and can even automate email sending dates.

3.AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) for Customer service:
“What if customers aren’t happy about your services and they don’t tell you?” In the past days customer service departments would not exactly know how customers would feel about their product and what customer needs are. Now with the use of AI you can capture the signals you and your team which you might have missed, analysing the sentiment of the customer, tracking the customer behaviour and acting according to it. You can take proactive steps to make a good relationship with your customers.

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies provides a lot of opportunities and can be ahead of your competitors. As mentioned it’s not only for sales, marketing and service areas, it can be extended to other departments like finance or HR departments and increase the productivity of every department and thereby growth in your business.

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