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Why ecommerce websites should start using a messenger chatbots?

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By the introduction of the bots for the messenger platform by facebook, every brand has begun to test the potential for this new feature. Ecommerce are one of the online industries where the messenger chatbots can be beneficial. Chatbots allow you to create a powerful communication with the customers and has the ability to understand what the customers want.

Messenger chatbots can help ecommerce websites to improve their customer experience and satisfaction thereby improving their performance. It can be used in following ways:

1.For shipping information:
Once the order has been completed for any product by the customers, they can receive the parcel tracking information and the day and time scheduled for delivery can be directly sent through the messenger chatbots to the customers as soon as they will login to the ecommerce account. In this way all useful information can be sent so that customer feels more relaxed by getting to know about the information. Usually, in order to receive the necessary information, a customer must log in to a personal e-commerce account.

2.Upselling and cross selling:
A good way to increase conversions and have a good amount of sales is to remind the customers through these messenger chatbots what they have previously bought and then suggest new items or services that they might like, description about the product, about any offer that are prevailing or maybe by sending some similar matches between products. They can also be used for sending promotional messages or launching any new collection or for sending any wishes.

3.Cart recovery:
Through messenger chatbots, an ecommerce may put a reminder to the customers the items that are still in their shopping cart and ask them if they are willing to proceed with the purchase or clean the cart. Previously businesses used to remind customers that they have items in the cart via email, which will not be very effective or through remarketing advertising, which involves additional costs. By sending automated messages, ecommerce may overcome these obstacles, ensuring relevance with no additional expense.

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