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Will AI chatbots help brands in engaging millennials?

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Millennials account for more than 83 million in United States and more than 400 million in India. That is the sizeable group of population in both the countries. Now how to connect with these millennials has always been a challenge for the organizations which also helps in growth of the company.

Now who are Millennials???

Millennials is a common term used for people born between early 80’s to late 90’s. These are the generation those who have mostly grown up with the internet and who have progressed from computers to laptops and now smart phones.

A few characteristics of this generation compared to their predecessors are short attention span and need for instant satisfaction. Millennials are used for chatting more and they hate waiting, let it be on IVR to speak to a human or response for an email.

With the development of chatbots, brands can have quick and easy conversations with them, can engage them through this medium in which they are most comfortable with. Chatbots representing brands have intelligence to understand the data quickly and provide personalized responses instantly, from their past behaviour.

Chatbots also eliminate the need to download the brand app. Businesses can have chatbots to increase the brand value for them. Chatbots using advanced platforms can be programmed to chat in specific language like English or any other language depending on the location of the industry and customers.

Millennials identify chatbots as the brand’s public face, one which converses with them in brand’s language. Brands can gain the attention of millennials only by spending marketing where customers are already are, not on traditional marketing channels. Chatbots open a new platform for brands and marketers to engage millennials in the most appropriate and in a quick manner.

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