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What are Categories?

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Generally, Categories are the different branches, sectors, sections, departments which are divided into any business type to make the business operations easy to handle. For example, categories can be different departments in your business like financial department, sales department or it can be regarding different locations where your business is located or different sectors of your business and so on.

In FAASTHELP, Categories are the menu items in the header where businesses can add as many as categories name as they require. Businesses can add any number of categories corresponding to their business.

In categories you can add different departments as mentioned above like finance department, technical department, HR department or you can add a number of branches if your business is serving in different locations, sectors in your business or various roles designated to your employees/agents. You can categorize however you want.

Categories also have visibility options like private and public. If the category name has to be used internally only to your employees/agents you can have a private option. And if it has to be to your customers you can have a public option where customers can see the different categories of your business.

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