What is machine learning?

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Machine learning is a set of algorithms learned from data or experiences, rather than being explicitly programmed. It is one way in which AI can complete tasks and perform better in the future, through self-learning and analysis of patterns and algorithms. By applying machine learning, AI learns what to do and what not to do on its own and applies this to future situations.

For what it is used?

Machine learning is used for processing and organizing data and information, as well as continually learning how to complete “smart” tasks in a quicker, more intelligent manner every time. It predicts problems and attempts to solve them, but it does not create, which is why humans are necessary. Humans create and act on the data and information that machine learning processes.

What kind of works will it improve?

Machine learning is programmed before it is used, and is meant to learn through various methods, such as trial and error. This means that any process it is applied to- such as communication with customers, conducting research, or handling a piece of equipment will actively be improved upon by the machine as it discovers what is “right” and “wrong” when completing the tasks.

In which all industries it can be used for?

The goal for machine learning is to create a fully reliable tool that humans can depend on and trust. By developing this trust in machine learning, it can help industries move forward to incorporate AI into business. Recently automotive industry uses machine learning, significantly for the development of self-driving cars. This invention tells us that we are able to achieve productivity with machine learning – one day, we may depend solely on a machine for road transportation and trust that it will react to any situation just as, or possibly even better than, a human agent would.

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