What does dislike mean?

What does dislike mean?

By Kiale


If you’re active on the social network Facebook, you’ve probably read the word “dislike” or heard it from someone. The word has become established in the social network and is a common term, it can be advantageous to know what it means.

The meaning of “dislike”

  • The word “dislike” is made up of “like”, which means “to like” and the prefix “dis”, which makes a word appear negative and usually produces a negation of the word. A prefix, as you may know, is a prefix. “Dislike” means “not to like”.
  • On Facebook there is a function to “like” something, that is, to press “I like” when someone posts a status, adds a photo or shares a link. If you’re using the English version of Facebook, you’ll know that instead of “like” it says “like”. You press the button if you like someone else’s post.

What it means when someone uses the word

  • There is no “dislike” button on Facebook to indicate that you don’t like a post or dislike what someone else has posted. Because of this, many people write the word in the comment box when they disagree with a status message.
  • The term has also become commonplace in everyday language, especially young people say the word when they don’t like something and they don’t agree with something. The others then usually know what the word means. The word in any case means “dislike” and “loathing” and is always negative.