Change the name on Tumblr – this is how it works

Change the name on Tumblr – this is how it works

Di Kiale

Things to know about Tumblr

  • Finally, Tumblr is one of the latest and popular microblogging tools. Over the last year, the network has had a particularly strong impact on people with an artistic touch and people who work artistically, professionally or as a hobby.
  • The main reason for this is that you can work on Tumblr in an uncomplicated yet professional way, and blogging is also possible. Due to the clear design freedom, the resulting blogs are small and yet highly creative works of art with which everyone, but especially photographers, can fully exhaust themselves artistically.
  • In addition, like Facebook, Tumblr offers all the latest activities from your own blog and the blogs of all Tumblr members you are friends with. It can be followed, commented on and also blogged. Also, at the top, it’s easy to choose what type of article you’re going to post, such as a photo or text, so you can search more specifically for specific articles.
  • In the end, Tumblr offers a combination of several existing network types. So it’s just as much blog-like as it is twitter-like or facebook-like. Setting up your own Tumblr domain takes users less than 5 minutes, making Tumblr even easier to use than its network cousins.

How to change your name on the network

Because Tumblr is so easy to use, changing its name shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  1. Just go to “Customize” in the sidebar of the dashboard. Here you will find all sorts of things about the design of your blog, a demo of your current theme design and a menu bar should appear, with which the blog should now be easy to customize.
  2. Now go to “Info” and you will be able to change your blog name within a few seconds.
  3. The only thing you should pay attention to is to click Save/Save after making the change so that the name change is preserved as well.

So you see – it couldn’t be easier. You can also change your name once a day. Have fun and keep getting creative on your own Tumblr domain.